Food Solutions for C-Stores

Breakfast Sandwiches & Ingredients

Bread Carriers. Proteins. Cheeses. Egg Patties. Spreads.

Cold RTE Sandwich Ingredients

Sliced Meats, Bread Carriers, Cheeses, Spreads.

Lunch Sandwiches & Ingredients

Bread Carriers, Burger Patties, Rib Patties, Chicken Patties, Cheeses, Spreads.

Pre-Topped Pizzas & Ingredients

14" Par-Baked or Self-Rising Crust pre-topped pizzas for heat & serve applications. Protein toppings, crust, shredded cheeses.

Pre-Made Burritos & Ingredients

Finished breakfast and lunch burritos of all sizes made to be heated and served hot in a warmer or for MTO applications.  Tortillas, Proteins, Cheeses.

Cold RTE Grab & Go Snacking Solutions

Bulk or pre-packaged snacks.  Cubed Proteins, Cubed Cheese, Hard Cooked Eggs, Unique Breads & Crackers.